The Importance of Carpet Drying – Mt. Buller Experts Share Tips

Carpet Drying – Mt. BullerOver time, dirt, stains and debris can accumulate on your carpet, making it look less luxurious. Apart from that, an unclean carpet can harbour harmful microorganisms that can cause diseases. As such, it is important to schedule regular carpet cleaning.

There are various methods of cleaning carpets, each with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. But whether you perform the cleaning by yourself or enlist the help of professionals for carpet cleaning, there is one imperative aspect of cleaning that you should not forget: carpet drying. Mt. Buller professional carpet cleaners say that carpet drying is an essential component of carpet cleaning yet it is easy to neglect.

But what exactly can happen if you do not let your carpet dry completely?

Moisture is one of the greatest enemies of carpets. When moisture fully penetrates your carpet and is not completely dry, the moisture can delaminate the carpet. Delamination simply means that your carpet’s backing comes apart.

Apart from that, the presence of moisture makes it favourable for microorganisms like moulds and mildew to thrive in your carpet. And the presence of both can lead to a host of health problems that can affect you and your family members.

Finally, when people walk on a carpet that is not fully dry, there is a high risk that your carpet will get damaged, thus shortening its lifespan. Also, when a carpet is still wet, it becomes more susceptible to attracting dirt.

But how long will it take before a carpet is fully dry?

Experts vary on their opinions about them, with some saying that 12 hours would suffice and others saying that carpets need 24 hours to become fully dry. What is important to remember is that carpets should be dried as soon as possible.

It is also worthwhile to take note that there are some factors that can influence the rate by which a carpet will dry. In hot and dry climates, drying a carpet would take just a few hours. But if it is rainy or humid, carpet drying will take up a significantly larger amount of time.

To aid the process of drying carpets, experts use a few tools which you can try to rent if you are going to clean your carpet by yourself. These include dehumidifiers and fans. The difference between these fans is that the air that is produced is heated, and they can move more air.