The Dangers of a Wet Carpet — Mt. Buller Experts Warn Vs. Health and Property Hazards

A wet carpet is a dangerous thing to have in your home. Whether it was caused bya burst pipe, overflowed washing machine, sewage backup or overflow, storm or snow damage, a leak in the ceiling, inadequate ventilation or just some random accident such as your kids spilling something on the floor, every square inch of wetness and moisture is a warning sign for you take urgent action.

Wet Carpet — Mt. BullerA wet carpet is especially problematic when you’re living in an alpine region such as Mt. Buller, where wet winds usually prevail over the sun’s rays. This makes it even more difficult for the carpet to dry faster when you’re using DIY remedies. The only way to completely make sure that not a drop of moisture will be left on your wet carpet, Mt. Buller experts say, is to get help from property water damage recovery professionals.

One of the most obvious problems that a wet carpet may bring is damage to property. The wetness can seep through the carpet fibres and under the carpet backing. Left unnoticed or unattended, this can do long-term damage to the floor and wall. Moreover, the carpet will soon emit bad odours, which can even stick to porous surfaces in the house such as curtains, pillows and leather sofas.

Another problem with a wet carpet is the potential safety risks it may bring. The carpet may be touching electrical wires, power sockets and appliances, and this situation can cause equipment damage, electrical accidents and fire.You may need to turn off the main power source and call an electrician to minimise the hazards.

When you’re living with small kids and pets, a wet carpet is also a cause of alarm. Kids and pets may be playing, crawling and doing other activities that make them basically come in close contact with the affected parts of the carpet which may already be teeming with bacteria and mould.

Moisture in the carpet is a breeding ground for disease-carrying bacteria, viruses and mould. The spores in the mould can easily become airborne, and inhaling, ingesting and being in contact with these microorganisms can bring all sorts of health problems, including skin and eye irritation, allergies, coughs and colds.

Mould has been proven to cause various respiratory ailments and infections. They are especially dangerous when you have someone in your household with an existing respiratory condition or a compromised immune system due to other illnesses or medications, as exposure to bacteria from mould can trigger more severe health problems.

Wet carpet indeed brings serious risks, but remember not to panic when you have such a situation in your home. The best action is to call water damage experts to deal with the initial emergency clean-up and provide long-term solutions to your pressing problem.