Help Guide

Drying Carpets

Don’t Panic – Give us a call immediately.

We will guide you through stopping the damage from getting worse and restoring your house and the flooded carpet to the way it was. Below are a few things you can do now, we will deal with the rest.

Beware of electricity

Depending on the house and type of damage, you may need to turn off or isolate some power at your mains box/meter box. If needed contact your electrician.

We recommend the following
plumbers for work on Mt Buller:
Mt Buller Plumbing
Weingott Plumbing
(Mt Buller only) 0418 557 240

Turn off the water source

Try and turn off the water source if possible, perhaps at the mains, or block with towels or linen if it is coming from outside your building.

Call your plumber ASAP

If you need a plumber to fix a leaking or broken appliance, pipe or roof, contact them immediately after us.

We recommend the following
electricians for work on Mt Buller:
Weingott Electrics
Lovick Electrics

Stop the water spreading

Try and stop the water flowing into other areas, you can do this by blocking it with towels or linen.

Remove wooden furniture

Where and if safe to do so, take any wooden furniture out of the wet room and into a dry area to prevent permanent damage to the furniture.

We will be arriving shortly

As soon as we get to your property we will remove any excess water and begin flooring and carpet water damage restoration immediately to avoid any further damage, it is very important to start this process as quickly as possible as delays may make your house more costly to restore.

Drying out a water damaged house

Don’t make these mistakes

Don’t think it is dry enough, wet carpet may feel dry on the surface but the underlay and floor may still be damp, so make sure you get it checked out by a professional.

Don’t leave it til too late, the quicker it is dried the less likely that permanent staining will occur

Don’t think it will dry out eventually; mould spores will start developing if it is not dried properly. Make sure you get your house professionally dried.

Time elapsed If you do nothing If you call us
4+ hours Carpets
  • Already begin to stain from the jute backing
  • Excess water extracted and drying process begun
  • Air movers/dryers and dehumidifiers in place to create an ideal drying environment
Floating floor
  • Boards begin to show signs of swelling
  • Excess water extracted/mopped up and drying process begun
  • Air movers/dryers and dehumidifiers in place to begin the drying process
  • Water starts to seep underneath vinyl
  • Bubbling may appear in the vinyl
  • Excess water extracted/mopped up and drying process begun
  • Air movers/dryers and dehumidifiers in place to begin the drying process
8+ hours Carpets
  • Permanent staining in some carpets from the backing may occur
  • Mould spores are forming
  • With the reduced moisture in the carpet, the risk of mould developing is greatly diminished
Floating floor
  • Buckling and peaking of the boards may be occurring
  • Floor may not be restorable
  • Controlled environment created by air movers/dryers and dehumidifiers will have floors well on the way to recovery
  • Hardwood subfloor swelling
  • Large bubbling will appear
12+ hours Carpet
  • Heavy staining has occurred which most likely will not be removable
  • Your carpet/underlay will be well on the way to being dried
  • Air movers/dryers may still be in place to continue the drying process
Floating floor
  • Floorboards peaking/buckling – not restorable
  • Hardboard subfloor may not be restorable
24 + hours
  • If contents still damp, mould may be notable on floor coverings, walls, skirting boards
  • Affected areas will be dry including carpet, underlay, vinyl, floating floors, skirtings and concrete floor
  • If floor coverings were lifted to assist with drying process, these will be re-laid
  • Areas restored and everything back to normal