We specialise in property water damage recovery in Alpine areas. Often the result of damage to furniture, roofing, walls or wet carpet and flooring from snow storms and blizzards, frozen pipes bursting, Leaking radiators/heating systems or faulty household appliances.

Restoring Property DamageWe have 4 x 4 access to all resorts/alpine related areas in North East Victoria and have experience in difficult circumstances. If you have a problem with flooded carpet or water damage to your property, make sure you contact us immediately to get expert advice and recovery service and prevent further avoidable damage.

Owner David Shelton has been involved in water damage restoration for 25 years, originally based in a major restoration company in Melbourne. We are now based in Mansfield to provide property drying and recovery services to the north east of Victoria. We have successfully restored club lodges and commercial buildings on Mt Buller and the Mansfield district for over 18 years.
We work closely with Mt Buller Plumbing and Weingott Plumbing to ensure your emergency is attended to as quickly as possible, often every minute counts and a short delay can result in an amplification of the damage, so call us immediately. We are also referred by a number of insurance loss adjusters and insurance companies and have years of experience working with these companies.


  • We will reduce your stress by dealing with the initial emergency clean up.
  • Arrange quotations for replacement carpets and vinyls and other floor coverings.
  • We offer a full restoration service– plastering, painting, floor covering – anything required to return your residence/business to pre disaster condition.